youth team

Our Youth team is the way we mold the future champions of the club! 

We aim to build the confidence of the child, expand their skill levels, Increase their fitness and ensure they have a good time!


Grading in BJJ is different to most other martial arts, Although we do offer seminars which these gradings often happen, these are not essential –  as long as your child is training and progressing as expected, they will be awarded any promotion in due course.


You will not pay for a grading seminar, the child isn’t tested based on what a sheet of paper says. They are promoted based on their personal progression.


Each child learns at their own pace and will learn in very different ways.
Some will lean towards learning take downs some will favour fighting off their back, some fighting in a top position. The student isn’t judged on a unified grading policy, they are graded on their own unique progress.

belt progression

Learn, progress and grow!

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