At the Lake District BJJ Academy, we are here to help you, not only enjoy a sport that will give you a lifetime of friendships, challenges, skills and excitement but to give you the confidence to face day to day life knowing that you’re fitter, healthier and more confident than you have ever been before.

Team spirit at Lakes BJJ

‘Jiu Jitsu has given me the tools i need to cope with severe anxiety. Stepping on the mats at first was really difficult but since doing it, I have never looked back. I’m more confident in myself and the more classes I do, the more I want to learn!’

Caroline, 34 year old blue belt
Family friendly environment. Classes for Kids – Adults
Lake District BJJ Academy competition team focusing on the growth of everyone on the team.
Events, Seminars, Camps and training days with some of the best in the sport

Signing my Children up to the Lake District Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy Kids programme has been a great decision. They love the classes and they don’t even realise they’re learning skills to set them up for life! 

All they see is games and play fighting, but the skills they are learning will serve them forever.’

Sarah, 39, Kids Club Parent

Beginners Programme

LDBJJA Beginners Programme (Adults) is specifically designed so you can start at any time and not feel lost or intimidated. Everyone that attends these sessions is either a beginner themselves or understands the need to always revisit the fundamental techniques.

Classes are:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
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Youth Club

LDBJJA Youth Club is for ages 5-16,
the classes are aimed towards learning basic Jiu Jitsu and self defence, problem solving and having fun. During the classes the Youth team will regularly engage in healthy competition and team work all aimed at building confidence and life skills as well as Jiu Jitsu skills.
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Lake District Unlimited

LDBJJA Unlimited is exactly what it says on the tin. All the (Adult) Classes that are available, are yours including Beginners, Advanced, Open Mats and Competition Classes.
This is our most popular option and as you have access to every training session that we offer as well as discounted 1-1 sessions with the Instructors (subject to availability)
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